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Terms of Engagement for Affiliates

An affiliate refers to any health organization with which MyDoc is in partnership and who has agreed to these Terms of Engagement for Affiliates. This generally refers to partners who have set up a MyDoc Public Group in order to provide services to existing and new users through the MyDoc platform.

By starting a MyDoc Public Group you agree to the following:

  • MyDoc provides its Public Group platform free of charge to health organizations, and updates and maintenance of the site will be at the cost of MyDoc.
  • Your MyDoc Public Group is branded with your health organization’s colours and logo, or by the colour and logo provided by you.
  • You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out in that are applicable to partners as well as the terms set out herein (collectively “the Terms”).
  • The Terms set out will apply till you and MyDoc enter into any other written agreement that will supersede the Terms. MyDoc or you may terminate the relationship with 30 days notice.
  • MyDoc provides basic email support for the platform to health organizations and users at no cost. Premium support as well as extra features and services may be offered at an additional cost.
  • Different group features e.g. Virtual Clinic, Bots, Find a doctor, Health Screenings, Broadcast Messages, Payments or Private Group features and other services may be offered to your MyDoc Group at an additional cost. At such a time you will enter into a separate written agreement with MyDoc.
  • Health organizations and other affiliates will use best endeavours to regularly moderate and administer their group to ensure that the group provides the best service and quality experience possible in regard to support and information sharing among its users.
  • MyDoc will protect users’ personal details using recognized data protection tools and practice. All data collected by your MyDoc group, and intellectual property generated through interactions on the site will belong to MyDoc.
  • MyDoc retains the right to message and contact users according to local regulations and consents obtained from the users .
  • MyDoc retains the right to share user details with third parties according to local regulations and consents obtained from users.
  • MyDoc affiliates will endeavour to provide a fast and professional response to any user questions. Should responses fall below MyDoc’s standards MyDoc may remove the group affiliate at any time without notice. This is done at the sole discretion of MyDoc.
  • MyDoc retains complete control over which groups will be featured and promoted to it’s user base.
  • MyDoc and health organizations or other affiliates will keep the groups free of commercial intrusion by making sure users do not use posts or questions to advertise their products. Advertising controlled by MyDoc may be used in the future across all the MyDoc platforms.
  • MyDoc affiliates will work with MyDoc to promote their MyDoc group in accordance with MyDoc’s brand guidelines. Brand guidelines will be made available to you by MyDoc.
  • There is no direct contractual relationship between the health organization or other affiliate and any other actual or potential research partner via MyDoc unless specifically arranged.
  • Promotion, research or information gathering on the platform by, or on behalf of, research partners or sponsors of health organizations or other affiliates may be done only with the express, prior consent of MyDoc.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold MyDoc harmless against any losses, damages, costs or expenses and other liabilities (including legal fees) incurred by, awarded against or agreed to be paid by MyDoc and/ or its affiliates as a result of or in connection with a claim that your services 1) infringed the intellectual property or other rights of any third party; 2) harmed or injured a third party in any fashion whatsoever; 3) gave cause for an action against MyDoc for any reason whatsoever.
  • You agree that MyDoc as a third-party technology platform is not liable in any fashion whatsoever for the services that you choose to render through its platform and any issues that may arise through the provisioning of those services. As such, there is no agent relationship between MyDoc and you in any fashion whatsoever.
  • You will not remove or alter without MyDoc’s prior approval any branding appearing on materials or visual representations of the MyDoc service. MyDoc may disclose to prospective or current clients and users that you are a partner of MyDoc and a description of the services available via your MyDoc Group.
  • We reserve the right to change these Terms from time to time. This may be for reasons including legal or administrative requirements, or to correct an inaccurate statement. We will endeavour to provide notice of the change to group admins where we deem this necessary. We encourage you to review these Terms periodically to check you understand the latest version.
  • These terms should be read in conjunction with MyDocs’ general Terms of use and any person registering on the group platform will be bound by those standard Terms of Use.