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CAD Software Change Assessment

Are you ready for a CAD software change?

1. What licensing model fits your business needs best?  Why do we ask this? With Autodesk's recent elimination of perpetual licenses, many users wish they still had the option to use the software in perpetuity and are considering other software vendors who offer greater license flexibility.
2. If your teams are advancing to BIM workflows, how much of a support and training burden is it to use many different applications and associated user interfaces? Why do we ask this? Most people are realizing value from BIM workflows, but do you feel forced to make everyone on a BIM project abandon their familiar design tools or can your team work together using the CAD or BIM application of their choice?
3. How much time do you spend manually converting and validating data translations for use in your design application each week? Why do we ask this? Ask yourself, how easy has Autodesk made the task of integrating a variety of file formats reliably?
4. How important is it for you to keep up-to-date on the latest software updates? Why do we ask this? Upgrading can introduce disruption, particularly if you only upgrade every few years as most Autodesk users do--but smaller quarterly incremental updates offer benefits sooner with less disruption.
5. How many features were recently added to your CAD software that you have benefited from significantly? Why do we ask this? Are there lots of value-packed new features in each version of your design software that are big time savers? Or have you been disappointed with the lack of really useful new tools to help you get your job done better, faster, smarter?
6. How much improvement in individual productivity do you believe the design software users in your firm have achieved in the past 3 years? Why do we ask this? Is your design software making a substantial improvement in your day to day productivity or has your productivity flat-lined in the last 5 years?
7. How much have you been able to increase your organization-wide productivity thanks to recent software enhancements? Why do we ask this? Individual productivity is important, but organization-wide productivity is even more critical to project success-- ask yourself, how much has Autodesk contributed recently to improving your collaboration workflows?
8. How much more than plain geometry are you trying to manage with your drawings and models? Why do we ask this? Unless you switch to an Autodesk BIM product, how much opportunity do you have to create and develop information-rich models with your current design software?
9. How good is the quality of support from your software vendor or channel partner? Tick all that apply.
Why do we ask this? You may not need need support often, but when you do, you need help quickly to remain productive.  Autodesk makes users work with its channel partners for first line support and they are not always accessible or experts in the area you need help. Bentley experts are available 24/7/365 by phone and email, as well as a wealth of online support content.
10. How disruptive is it to deal with file format changes with new releases of the software? Why do we ask this? How much of a pain has it been coping with the inevitable new file formats every few versions? What if you had only ever had one file format change to deal with?
11. How stable/reliable is your current software—how often does it crash or cause you to lose work? Why do we ask this? Do you believe it's normal for sophisticated design software to crash several times/day or is that an unacceptable behavior you have just learned to accept?