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Hall survey

What does our Village Hall need?

While Slaley now has a community owned pub and a community run village shop, we also have a community owned village hall.

Built and given to the people of Slaley by the Hunting family of Slaley Hall and opened in September 1922, the Commemoration Hall is fast approaching its centenary, and the current trustees are embarking on a facelift, of the facilities.  We are committed to upgrading the toilet facilities and bringing the storage area up to the level of the main building, but the Commemoration Hall is more than just better toilets. To help us make the right decisions, we need to hear your views so …

Please complete this short questionnaire.
By the end of August, please!

The results of this survey will be published, and considered at a later meeting of the Hall Committee.  
Your response will be treated in confidence, and it is entirely anonymous, unless you wish to add your name at the end.


Have you been in the Commemoration Hall recently? (tick one)


Have you ever booked the Hall? (tick all that apply)

6. What new facilities or changes are needed? (tick all that apply)

Where do you live?


Your name, address and contact details are entirely voluntary but could be helpful to us.
If you are interested in helping us, or would just like to be kept informed, please provide a name, phone number and/or an email address below:

If you wish to speak directly to someone about this proposal please contact one of the following:        Pat Wilson (01434 673388) or Ros Doonan (01434 673173)

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