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NAGC Sanctioned Show Report

NAGC Sanctioned Show Report (Page 1 of 4)

Please complete and return within seven (7) days of show or no later than September 15 so that your show report can be included in the Winter Glad World. Please fill in only those spaces that pertain to your show. No other categories will be printed in the bulletin.

Please complete this online survey or print a paper copy and return by regular mail to Don Selinger, 2101 Cameron Dr., Woodbury, MN 55125. A printable version can be found on the Glad World website.

Contact me via e-mail at if you have any questions.
1. Show Information
2. Spike Division
Space Cell CultivarExhibitor
Grand Champion of Show
Reserve Grand Champion of Show
Exhibition Champion Large (300-500)
Exhibition Reserve Champion Large (300-500)
Exhibition Champion Small (100-200)
Exhibition Reserve Champion Small (100-200)
Decorative Champion Large (300-500)
Decorative Reserve Champion Large (300-500)
Decorative Champion Small (100-200)
Decorative Reserve Champion Small (100-200)
Exhibition Champ Large-Open
Exhibition Champ Small-Open
Exhibition Champ Large-Novice, Amateur Or Newcomer
Exhibition Champ Small-Novice, Amateur Or Newcomer
Exhibition Champ – 3 Spike Lg
Exhibition Champ – 3 Spike Sm
Decorative Champ – 3 Spike Lg
Decorative Champ – 3 Spike Sm
Exhibition Champ – 5 Spike Lg
Exhibition Champ – 5 Spike Sm
Best Recent Introduction – Large (Last 5 Years)
Best Recent Introduction – Small (Last 5 Years)
Seedling Champion - Large
Seedling Champion - Small
Seedling Champion – 3 Spike Large
Seedling Champion – 3 Spike Small
All America Champion
Best Oldtimer Glad
Second Day Champion
Public Or People’s Choice
Youth-Grand Champion Spike
Youth-Reserve Champion Spike
3. Spike Division - Additional Awards 
Enter any special show awards here
Space Cell Name of AwardCultivarExhibitor
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