CMB4 - July 2017

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We'd like to better understand how listeners like you are using media, gadgets, and technology. But don’t worry:

·        Your information is confidential

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·        You may enjoy discovering how your use of media, gadgets, and tech are changing – or not

To make sure we learn as much about your media habits and choices as possible, this is not a short survey. It may take as long as 15-20 minutes to complete. However, at the top of each page is the option to "save and continue the survey later."

Just click this area and you will be given details on how to resume the survey at a later time. However, you must proceed to at least the next page to use the "save & continue" option.

This survey is important in helping us better understand how to serve you.

We do have limitations on the number of survey completions, so please take it soon.

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