UK Language Services Market Research 2017

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Welcome to UK Language Services market research 2017! 

This survey is carried out on behalf of the Association of Translation Companies, and the objective is to provide industry data to translation company owners. This year's survey covers salary dynamics, KPIs, M&A potential, specialist vertical pricing and marketing tactics of UK's translation companies.

Access to the report

Findings from the survey will be presented at the Language Industry Summit 2017 in London 21st/22nd September. Participating ATC members will receive a copy of the full report free of charge. Non-ATC members contributing to this research will receive the summary analysis. The full report will cost £175 + VAT. If a non-ATC member company subsequently joins the Association within six months, that amount will be discounted from its first year’s membership subscription.


  1. Take this survey only if you represent a language services or technology company with headquarters in the United Kingdom.
  2. Allocate approximately 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire. You can save your progress to resume later.
  3. Skip questions you don't wish to answer.
  4. We will publish only industry averages and statistics. Your individual company information will not be revealed to competitors.
  5. If your Internet connection goes down midway through the survey, we can send you a link to resume.
  6. The survey closes 10th September 2017.

This year's survey is supported by:
Plunet Business Manager - a powerful translation management system used by more than 450 organizations worldwide
Protemos and TQ Auditor - management and quality tools for smaller LSPs

Konstantin Dranch
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