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MPMI: Precision Medicine Survey (2017-18)

Manchester Precision Medicine Institute (MPMI)
In April 2016 the University of Manchester launched a new Research Institute, MPMI , to promote Precision Medicine (PM) in Manchester. As you probably know, PM offers customised healthcare with treatment tailored to the individual patient. PM utilises the skills of experts in health economics, genomics, proteomics, pathology, medicine, pharma and industry. Our new Institute will enable and facilitate the teamworking required in PM for the people of Manchester and beyond. If you are engaged in PM research and would like to be informed of PM news, seminars, funding opportunities and advances, please complete the brief survey below:
5. Would you like to be kept informed about precision medicine initiatives in the UK?
6. Are your research projects involved in any aspect of the precision medicine pipeline? *This question is required.
8. What are your main research areas of interest? Please specify the top three: *This question is required.
10. Are you a clinician, clinical researcher, basic science researcher or translational investigator? (Select all applicable) *This question is required.
11. Would you be interested in participating through the MPMI in any of the PM related activities below? (Please select as many as applicable)
13. Would you like us to arrange a meeting to discuss what Manchester Precision Medicine Institute offers and how it could help your research / eHealth / healthcare / public engagement and other impact activities? *This question is required.
14. In order for us to provide a better service please specify which one of the followings is more relevant to you? *This question is required.
Thank you for your interest in the Manchester Precision Medicine Institute.
By completing this survey we will assume you wish to become a member of MPMI, provided that your email address and credentials are correct.
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