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Baltic translation business research


Welcome to Baltic Language Services market research 2017! 
This research provides participating translation company owners and managers with the following information:

1) Largest translation companies in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
2) Most successful business models.
3) Pricing.
4) Salary levels for project managers and linguists.
5) Profitability levels.
6) Technology adoption: CAT-tools, machine translation, and TMS.
7) Local market challenges.
8) Comparison with other countries.

You will receive a copy of the presentation if you take part in the survey. Findings will be presented on 19th October, at the annual conference of the Association of Estonian Translation Companies.


Take this survey if you represent a translation company headquartered in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia. 
  1. Allocate approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Skip questions you don't wish to answer.
  3. We will publish only industry averages and statistics. Your individual company information will not be revealed.

Pille-Riin Laadoga   Konstantin Dranch
Pille-Riin Laadoga,
Estonian Translation Company
association board member
  Konstantin Dranch,