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Scicomm @CERN

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Which Feynman quote fits you best?

Answer this 5-min anonymous questionnaire to find out which quote of Richard Feynman best describes your views on science communication. The study explores how people at CERN view communication in the field of fundamental physics, and your honest and thoughtful contribution is very important to advance knowledge in this field!

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This study is carried out by a student from Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany, who studies science communication and is doing her internship in CMS communications team. The study has been approved by CERN ECO group. 

Your response is completely anonymous. There are three general questions about your background (approximate age, country and field of work), which do not violate the anonymity as no link can be drawn between the respondent and their answer. 

The results of the study will be summarised in a report and potentially presented at Public Communication of Science and Technology conference in 2018. For any questions or requests please contact