IYD Student Experience Survey

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Student Experience
1. I have been a student at IYD for ____ year/s:
4. My experience at IYD has been positive.
5. The Iyengar Yoga teaching style works for me.
6. I come to class to (check all that apply):
7. I find the feedback, adjustments, and modifications from my teacher/s useful.
8. I like learning yoga philosophy in class and would like to learn more.
9. I like learning about anatomy and physiology in class and would like to learn more.
10. The IYD class schedule works for me.
11. Reasons why I may miss class include:
12.  I read the email newsletters and find them useful. 
13. I find out about things happening at the studio through:
14. In addition to attending class, I utilize the following resources:
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