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"Where's Wilma?" Entry Form

Find Wilma and Win!

Now in her 19th year flying the What’s Up? skies, Wilma is ever-busy and happily having fun finding the best local purveyors, entertainment, and services. Ever since she first zipped off the runway in May of 1997, Wilma has known that to find her favorite landing spots, she needs to read the pages of her favorite magazine.

Here’s how the contest works:

Wilma appears next to three different ads in our What's Up? Annapolis, What's Up? Eastern Shore, and What's Up? West County print publications. When you spot her, write the names of the ads and their page numbers on the entry form online below or mail in the print version of the form and you’ll be eligible to win a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Only one entry per family. Good luck and don’t forget to submit your restaurant review online for another opportunity to win a prize.
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