The Memphis Challenge's S.O.L.E. Math Reboot Registration 2017

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The Summer Online Learning Experience (S.O.L.E.) Math Reboot
July 24th - September 4th
Memphis Challenge is pleased to offer Summer Online Learning Experience (S.O.L.E.) Math again this summer. S.O.L.E. Math Reboot is a 4-week, virtual online learning experience for youth in grades 3-12+.
S.O.L.E. is an online math learning tool powered through ALEKS, a math software that provides individualized learning and assessments with standard-based content for grades 3-12+. ALEKS uses an artificial intelligence engine and adaptive questioning to determine precisely what a student knows and doesn't know. Through highly targeted instruction and continuous assessment, ALEKS delivers a personalized math learning path. Memphis Challenge is proud to administer this virtual math experience.

From the comforts of a computer, iPad, tablet or library; youth will be able to log on and be a part of the S.O.L.E. Math experience anywhere their summer travels take them.

By participating in the S.O.L.E. Math virtual program; students will gain confidence in their ability to comprehend and master math!

Don't delay, register today!
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