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Mortgage Information

Personal Information for Client 1

3. Are you a smoker or non smoker?
8. How are you employed? *This question is required.
10. Have you had any missed payments/ defaults /CCJ's in the last 5 years? *This question is required.
11. Do you have any liabilities such as loans/ credit cards/ hire purchase/ student loans or do you pay any childcare costs? (Please confirm name of company, monthly payment, amount outstanding and term remaining if possible please)
Space Cell Company NameType of Liability ( card)Monthly PaymentAmount OutstandingTerm Remaining
Liability 1
Liability 2
Liability 3
Liability 4
Liability 5
12. Is this mortgage application just in your name or is it in joint names? ( We will ask for client 2 Information if it is a joint application) *This question is required.