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Intervener Training Pilot Project Candidate Self-Evaluation


This evaluation is for individuals who are planning to participate in the Intervener Training Pilot Project and have already discussed it with their state deaf-blind project.

The training will offer three courses of study designed to meet the needs of candidates with varying levels of experience providing intervention for children who are deaf-blind. What you learn from this evaluation will help you and your state deaf-blind project determine the course of study that is right for you.

The evaluation requires a great deal of thought and reflection and will probably take about an hour to complete. If you need to take a break, click "Save and continue later" at the top of any page (except the first) and enter your email address.
This question requires a valid email address.
6. What prior (online or face-to-face) training have you received in deaf-blindness? (Check all that apply.)
7. What is your educational background? (Choose one.)
9. What is your current work setting?