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My Eating Habit
My eating habit survey is designed for  market research purposes within a community of diverse people
1. What is your age?
2. What is your gender
3. What is your ethnicity?
4. What type of cuisines do you enjoy eating? 
5. Are you adventurous when dining out?
6. How much do you spend on your main course when dining out?
7. How many days a week do you eat an evening meal at home?
8. Who do you live with?
9. Would you describe your self as a healthy eater (balanced diet off;  fish, meat and vegetables)?
10. How many evenings do you eat a balanced meal at home?
11. Do you like experimenting with different cusines?  
12. Would you cook a balanced meal at home if all the ingredients were provided for you?
13. How long are you likely to take to prepare your evening meal?
14. How many times do you eat meat in a week?
15. What type of meat do you buy?
16. Would you eat halal meat?
17. How much do you spend on your groceries in a typical week? 
18. How would you define your occupation?
19. What are your working hours?
20. What is your annual income
21. What is the level of your education?
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