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NJFL Coaches Code of Conduct Acknowledgement

Northwest Junior Football League Coaches Code of Conduct & Acknowledgement

NJFL Coaches Code of Conduct
  • Coaches will conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect credit on the NJFL, their franchise and their team and will ensure that team members and team followers do likewise.
  • Coaches will teach and guide their players in a manner that will increase their respect for authority, their sense of fair play, and their ability to adapt to the wins and losses of everyday life.
  • Coaches will be fair, firm and consistent with players.
  • Coaches will promote a positive attitude and lead by example.
  • Coaches will stress teamwork and respect with each athlete.
  • Coaches will listen to their player concerns and try to help them any way they can.
  • Coaches will demonstrate good sportsmanship and will not argue with parents, officials or field manager.
  • Coaches will obey field manager and comply with any requests and present credentials when requested.
  • Only head coaches may communicate with officials and will always treat them with respect.
  • Coaches must submit all credentialing requirements of the NJFL including 1) Attend NJFL training, 2) Attend Positive Coaching Alliance Training, 3) Complete USA Football Online Training, 4) Submit to and pass a franchise designated background check.
  • Coaches will adhere to all policies, rules and procedures of the NJFL.
  • Coaches’ use of profanity, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco during any NJFL event is strictly prohibited and cause for suspension as deemed by the NJFL board.
  • Coaches will do their best to ensure each athlete is both physically and mentally ready for games.
  • Coaches will allow each athlete the opportunity to compete and excel and will follow the letter and spirit of the 10‐play rule.
  • Head Coach will only allow certified coaches on field and certified coaches must wear NJFL issued credential identification card.
  • Coaches will respect and comply with Athletic Trainers recommendations.
  • Coaches will know and comply with RCW 28A.600.190 (a.k.a. Lystedt Law)
  • Coaches will attend with team the pre and post‐game Sportsmanship meetings.
  • Coaches will comply with the Nine Legal Duties of a Coach
Nine Legal Duties of a Coach

1. Properly plan the activities
2. Properly provide instruction
3. Provide safe physical environment
4. Provide adequate and proper equipment
5. Match your athletes by ability
6. Evaluate athletes for injury or incapacity
7. Supervise the activities closely
8. Warn of inherent risks
9. Provide appropriate emergency assistance
    a) Be aware of specific player health/medical issues
    b) Know address of practice & game field
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