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Lifelong Learning Institute: Simply Seasonable Culinary Workshop & Cooking Demonstration

Simply Seasonable: Culinary Workshop & Cooking Demonstration
October 12
10:00am – 2:30pm
(break 12:00-12:30pm)
Coshocton Campus of COTC (Montgomery Hall)
200 N. Whitewoman St. (in Roscoe Village), Coshocton, OH
Just $25 per person!
Presented by the Lifelong Learning Institute, where we believe you should
“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching!”
Learn more about the Lifelong Learning Institute at

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If you like what we’re COOKING UP at COTC, also consider the Community Culinary Creations workshops for the culinary enthusiast, home-cook, or entry-level food service professional! Join us for these workshops at the Coshocton Campus of COTC (Montgomery Hall), and take what you make:

September 7 – Oodles of Noodles – Prepare homemade pasta like a pro; learning to knead, cut, roll and fill ravioli and other varieties, including sauce recipes and enticing aromas. Italy is famous for its pasta, and you can be too!         5pm-9pm, just $65 per person

September 21 – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Lean and inexpensive, chicken is one of the most popular animal proteins in America. Whether you wish to prepare a whole bird or just a breast or two, learn creative techniques & international flavors to squawk about for days!       5pm-9pm, just $65 per person


October 5 – Soup’s On: Serving Up Soups – Soup is staple comfort food, and there are absolutely no limits on how creative you can be! Add these recipes to your repertoire, and you’ll be simmering for the next several months.                5pm-9pm, just $65 per person


Experience the workshops with friends… great for couples too! Impress your friends & family during your next party/gathering! Register in less than one minute online & pay by credit card too: