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VV100 Johnson & Johnson Skills Gathering Application

Program Description

In partnership with Johnson & Johnson, Vital Voices will host a gathering in Brazil in October to provide strategic support to women in the VV100 Network. This gathering will convene ten VV100 women leaders for a three-five day program focused on capacity building and networking within the VV100 Network. Vital Voices invites VV100 network members to work with us to design the focus of this program. If you are interested in participating, you should submit a collaborative proposal with at least one other network member (maximum five) which outlines one focus you think the program should have. This might include bringing together women across regions, issue areas, and sectors to share best practices, grow your skills in specific technical priority areas, or develop potential partnerships within the VV100 Network to scale your work.


To apply, connect with other members of VV100 and submit a joint proposal for the focus of the gathering. Here are some examples:

  • Are there women in the VV100 Network who are all trying to tackle a similar problem and want to share best practices? Collaborate? Receive targeted technical support?
  • Are there women from a similar region who want to find ways to work together?
  • Do women from the same (or different sectors) want to collaborate and learn more about advocacy and legislative change? 
  • Do women in the VV100 Network have a model that is replicable? Can she train others to bring her model to other communities?

Based on the proposals selected from this application, Vital Voices will bring in outside consultants and engage local Johnson & Johnson offices in order to provide tailored support for your idea. Please keep in mind that if your focus is chosen for the program, the activities and trainings may be tailored to all participants’ needs. Vital Voices may adapt, expand upon, or streamline your idea to meet the needs of more women in the Vital Voices network. Ultimately, however, the proposals selected will structure the content of the gathering.

To Apply
Work with ONE-FIVE (minimum of one, maximum of five) VV100 network members to propose your idea for program activities, outlined by responding together to the questions below. Coordinate with your group to submit ONE application proposing your idea for the gathering’s focus and what support you might need.

Please submit your application no later than THURSDAY, AUGUST 31st.

Time Commitment and Expectations

In preparation for the gathering, Vital Voices may ask you to submit work related to goal setting or an organizational assessment. You will also be expected to remain in contact with Vital Voices and submit updates after participation in the program, in order to share success stories, challenges, or other relevant data. Please consider these factors before submitting your application.