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Artist Residency Technology Survey

Artist Residency Technology Survey

What is it?
This survey is designed to learn about technology use in the artist residency field.


The survey has two primary goals. The first is to get some quantitative data about what tools and services residencies use to run their programs. The second is more qualitative: to learn where these tools are succeeding and where they are falling short.

Results from this survey will be summarized in a report and will also help shape a planned series of technology-related webinars.

Who should complete this survey?
Anyone involved in the operational management of a residency program. Please complete as many sections as you are able to. If the answers to some questions can only be answered by someone else in your organization, we’d greatly appreciate you tracking down those answers. The results of this survey will only be meaningful if the responses are as complete as possible.

Please complete the survey by January 26, 2018

To help you prepare for the scope of this survey, there will be a small number of broad, general questions, and then a brief page asking about the specific software/tools your organization uses in the following categories:

Accounting Software and Services
Alumni Management
Application Submission and Review
Contracts and Document Signing
Customer Support
Data Analysis and Research
Donor, Grants Management and Fundraising
Events and Ticketing
File Sharing and Cloud Storage
Human Resources
Mailing List
Media, Artwork, and Design Software
Payments and Donations
Project and Task Management
Relational Database
Social Media

In order to facilitate the completion of this survey, you may save your progress at any time by clicking on the "Save and continue later" link in the header.

Thanks very much for your participation!

Tony Grant
Co-Director, Sustainable Arts Foundation


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