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Course Code Request Form

NOTE:  Please do not use all capaltization text when completing this form.  
1. Requester Information *This question is required.
3. Is this course mandatory and been approved by leadership?  *This question is required.
NOTE:  You will be required to work with the CED Team to develop a prescriptive rule (who and when it will be assigned for completion) if the course is mandatory. 
5. Please proved all HRDEPTID's and Title Codes for the intended target audience (all who will be assigned to complete or attend this training). 

 If the training is considered hospital-wide, enter the title codes that will be excluded from completing the required training.  
  *This question is required.Please separate each entry with a comma. 
1-2 sentence description to be displayed in Saba
Upon completion of this course, what will the learner be able to do?  (Typically 3-5 objectives are listed.)
14. Course Design and Development Options *This question is required.