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Pharmacy Self-Assessment

Your community pharmacy may have been serving patients for the last 100 years, or may have just opened last month; no matter how long you have been in business, this quick, 10-question self-assessment can help you know if your pharmacy is prepared to thrive in today's marketplace. The assessment will identify services to consider adding to your pharmacy's offerings and direct you to resources to help you grow.

The first four questions ask about key characteristics of pharmacies that are part of CPESN® networks.

Is your pharmacy committed to improving patients’ health and economic outcomes—including helping patients avoid hospitalizations and reduce their total cost of care—through services beyond dispensing?

A conscious focus on the patients you care for and their outcomes is critical to being part of the CPESN
® clinically integrated network of pharmacies that differentiates itself on the outcomes it creates. To be effective, this focus must be embraced by the entire pharmacy staff and be reflected in pharmacy policies and day-to-day actions. The differentiating factor between CPESN pharmacies and other pharmacies is that other pharmacies focus on filling prescriptions fast, accurate and cheap while CPESN pharmacies focus on improving outcomes.

Filling prescriptions fast, accurate and cheap has been the pharmacy business model for the past several decades. It can be hard to grow the goals of the pharmacy to encompass both providing prescriptions and enhanced care to patients but this growth is key to differentiating pharmacies based on the outcomes they provide. 
Check out this video that explains the importance of adaption in a changing health care marketplace.