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Lippincott Procedures Request Form

UCLA Health - Request Form

New Submission or Change to Existing Procedure or Module

Please complete this form to request/recommend new procedures or changes to existing procedures or modules in Lippincott.

*Complete one new form for each procedure or module request.

1. Your Information: *This question is required.
2. Select Lippincott Product: *This question is required.
3. Select the Appropriate Request: *This question is required.
If existing procedure or module, provide name as titled in Lippincott.
6. Identify Facilities Impacted by Procedure or Module:
7. Identify Appropriate Stakeholders:
8. Please upload procedures or modules as Microsoft Word documents only. If you are requesting changes to an existing document, please either submit the document using track changes or provide both clean and edited versions of the document. You may upload multiple files using this button.