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Harvey Recovery Application

Harvey Recovery Funds Application

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Region (NNLM SCR) has developed an express funding mechanism to ensure service continuity for NNLM network members assisting with Hurricane Harvey relief. Please submit this brief form to apply for funding. Eligible organizations must be members of the NNLM South Central Region and be providing services to individuals affected by Harvey. Membership is free, and institutions who strive to increase access to authoritative health information are eligible to become members. Apply for membership here.

Eligible projects must increase access to authoritative health information in some way in order to align with the mission of the NNLM. These awards are intended to extend health information resources to affected populations. Examples of programs/services include (this list is not inclusive of all eligible projects):

  • Public Library (and other agencies) pop-up programming for displaced populations (focused on health, recovery, or mental health)
  • Projects that enable libraries, public health agencies, relief organizations and other health information providers to offer services in shelters or other remote locations. Organizations providing services within refugee centers are eligible even if those centers are not in geographically damaged locations
  • Mobile health information centers for displaced individuals
  • Purchasing required equipment to maintain service for damaged locations
  • Equipping health educators to deliver services to  hurricane victims

Budget: Staff time and travel costs are not allowed in these awards. Furniture may not exceed 10% of the budget. Books may not exceed 5% of the budget. Maximum award is $5,000. These funds are COST REIMBURSABLE. If awarded, invoices must be submitted with proper documentation of expenses.

Reporting Requirements: If awarded the NNLM SCR will require a conference call or site visit at the beginning and end of this project. A final report will also be required. 

Evaluation of Application: 

Applications will be evaluated by RML staff and selected based on identified target populations. Applications will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis. SCR plans to make up to $40,000 (8* $5,000) available for this award. The RML staff will be striving to create a diverse group of awards. Regional location and the targeted population will be considered. 

Application Review Process
Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted by at least 2 RML staff members. The proposals will be evaluated based on targeted populations and regional reach. The RML will be striving to award a diversified portfolio of awards.

Please contact Bethany Livingston with questions concerning this award. or 817-735-2370.

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