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VoIP Australia 2018

Did you know the current phone network is being turned off.

1. Have you ever used VoIP
2. What was your main reason for using VoIP
3. Have you ever used a Mobile Dialer.  "Softphone" and if so which one.
4. If you entered yes to question 3, how would you rate the soft phone you selected.
5. Have you ever used VoIP Hardware. There are two main types 1 links your current equipment into the Voice over Internet Network and the second is equipment designed to work on the VoIP network direct.
6. With the option you selected, did it meet all your exceptions.
7. If you have the option to receive a free IP Phone for selecting to join our service to 12 months on a standard plan, would you select this option.
8. Would you be more likely to select this option, If we offered a wider selecting of IP Phones.
9. If we offered the state of the art, Android, Video and Voice IP Phone based on you connecting as a business or Family with at least 5 members connected, connected from 12 months on our Business or Family connect plan for 12 months, would you be likely to take up the offer.
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