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Reviewer's Corner: Subject & Strategy Cluster Ideas

Reviewer's Corner: Subject & Strategy Cluster Ideas

Subject & Strategy: A Writer's Reader features clusters of readings on a particular issue or theme. These clusters appear in the argumentation chapter, providing a case book for students to understand different viewpoints, synthesize sources and ideas, and enter the conversation with their own arguments.

Which of the following clusters or themes would be most engaging and useful? 
(We have provided potential selections that would appear in these clusters, whose titles may help you choose.)
Cultural Appropriation 
    John McWhorter, “You Can’t Steal a Culture: In Defense of Cultural Appropriation”
    Ijeoma Oluo, “When We Talk about Cultural Appropriation, We’re Missing the Point”
    Bari Weiss, “Three Cheers for Cultural Appropriation” 

Race and Privilege
    John Metta, “I, Racist”
    Derald Wing Sue, “Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Is Subtle Bias Harmless?”  
    J. Dowsett, “What My Bike Has Taught Me about White Privilege”
    Shaun King, “No, I Won’t Be Writing about Black on Black Crime”

The Upside of Failure 
    Rhinesford Stauffer, “Dropping Out”
    Matthew Syed, “How Creativity Is Helped by Failure”
    Mary Sherry, “In Praise of the F Word”
    Julie Suratt, “In Praise of Mediocre Kids”

The Changing Nature of Work
    Diane Mulcahy, “Who Wins in the Gig Economy, and Who Loses”
    Caitlin McCormick, “The Gingham Apron”
    Ilana Gershon, “The Quitting Economy”
    James Suroniecki, “Robopocalypse Not”
    Jerry Kaplan, “Future of Work”
    Noah Smith, “Don’t Assume Robots Will Be Our Future Co-Workers”
    Livia Gershon, “The Future Is Emotional”
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