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Call for Data: Best Practice Programs to Save both Energy and Water

Call for Data: Best Practice Programs to Save both Energy and Water

The extent to which energy utilities account for water savings from their efficiency programs or account for energy savings from water efficiency programs has been an area of growing research interest but remains relatively unclear. In an effort to better understand recent advances in programs jointly addressing savings in both water and energy, we would like to request your help! The following questions are intended to gather any information you may have regarding burgeoning or established programs designed to capture water savings from energy efficiency measures. Please respond by Monday, October 16th in as much detail as you can with any information regarding relevant or exemplary programs that you would like to be considered as part of this research. Thanks in advance for your participation and feel free to reach out to me with any questions at
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Are you the main contact for this energy efficiency program? 
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Program basics

2. Program:
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Program details

7. Funding and Costs:
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Program evaluation

11. Does formal guidance exist that the utility uses to calculate the water savings from its energy efficiency programs (eg. technical reference manuals, work papers, or other guidance)?
12. Does the guidance allow the utility to calculate upstream water savings from energy efficiency or does the guidance focus on onsite water savings?
12. Are evaluation data on program impacts available?

Program impacts

21. Attach relevant documents and additional information, and provide useful web links, such as program website, evaluations or annual reports (please provide exact URLs) in the comments box below. 
22. Additional information if desired: