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TBSP Baker Application

About TBSP (The Bakery Society Pittsburgh)

For over 60 years, Kullman’s Bakery attracted people to Mt. Oliver with their tempting treats. However, in 2013, the longstanding bakery closed its doors for the last time. Two years later, recognizing the importance of the bakery to the Mt. Oliver community and its residents, Economic Development South held Sweet Saturdays, an episodic event that brought out bakers from within the community to sell their baked goods. It is from this idea that the bakery incubator project, The Bakery Society Pittsburgh (TBSP), was developed.

Call for Full-Time Bakers


Through TBSP, Economic Development South hopes to continue to support local bakers. Currently, TBSP is looking for proprietors, or full-time bakers interested in selling their product. Proprietors will receive assistance in honing their craft from TBSP staff. While involved with TBSP, proprietors will have access to a strong business network through which they receive consultations on marketing, finances, and business development All at no cost to the proprietor!


The goal of TBSP is to create a strong group of bakers who will one day have the ability to start their own bakery. With this in mind, five percent of a proprietors gross revenue will be placed in a “savings account.” Thirty percent will be given as a contribution to TBSP. The remaining sixty-five percent will be given to the proprietors to keep. TBSP gives bakers the opportunity to do what they love and make a profit.

Call for Community Bakers


In addition to full-time bakers, TBSP is also seeking community membership bakers. These bakers will pay an annual membership fee to use TBSP equipment along with an additional fee paid for each hour they use TBSP equipment. This is a great idea for individuals who already have an established business and are looking for a place to bake their goods.

Are you ServSafe Certified? If so, please be ready to supply current certification. For more information, visit


Interested? Have further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Jami Pasquinelli at 724-681-7163 to learn more about how you can be involved with TBSP. Otherwise, click below to begin the application process...

Please Note: All questions should be completed, however, not all are marked as "required" to allow applicants to review the entire application and develop question responses offline, as needed.