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Adox 8x8 Survey Client Reporting

Your View of the Market

Thank you for participating in our survey on client reporting and communications technology.

Client reporting and communications is at a crossroads - after a relatively short period of intense vendor interest in the space, many of the independent specialists have now been acquired and are part of more end-to-end automation platforms. Our annual “Follow the Money” survey on priorities, value and risk drivers across the IT portfolio shows that client reporting spending is unevenly distributed across the market, suggesting low levels of maturity in adoption of automated solutions. At the same time data management, CRM and marketing automation technologies are changing the boundaries between traditionally separate business and tech domains.

To provide an in-depth overview of client reporting solutions in the market, Adox Research is running an 8x8 Survey.The full results of this survey will be available to all Adox Research subscribers. A summary of the key insights will be available to all participants. Each participant will have the ability to review and edit solution-specific factual information prior to publication.
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