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Digital Marketing Specialist 2017

Digital Marketing Specialist

We only accept online applications for this position. If you believe you are a good candidate for this position we want to hear from you--so please do apply. We will acknowledge receipt of all applications within a week. After we have reviewed your application we will be in contact to either schedule a short introductory interview or let you know your application has been declined for further consideration. All information you provide us is confidential and we will not use this information for any purpose other than considering you for our job opening. Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide us with this information.
For these next few questions please rate yourself on the following skills:
6. Your love of data and making it "talk?" *This question is required.
too much data overwhelms me
Spreadsheets are better than a good novel
7. Your ability to analysis data and make connections that lead to action? *This question is required.
It's hard to make sense of data
I'm a pro
8. Your familiarity with paid search campaigns using google or other search engines? *This question is required.
Not much experience
I've used it all
9. Your familiarity with Google Analytics? *This question is required.
Not much experience
I'm a pro
10. Your experience with Microsoft Excel? *This question is required.
Not much experience
I'm a pivot table and macro ninja
11. Your ability to juggle many projects and to see them through to accurate completion? *This question is required.
I need to focus on one thing at a time
I'm a master juggler
12. Your level of patience to work with people to get it right? *This question is required.
No patience
Highly patient
13. Your ability to uncover and solve problems? *This question is required.
Not skilled
Call me Sherlock Holmes
14. What would people say about how fast you work? *This question is required.
I am the hare
I am the tortoise
15. Your attention to detail? *This question is required.
I get stuck in details
I thrive in the details
16. Place yourself on the spectrum in terms of your preference of type of work: *This question is required.
A little of everything
Laser focused on a few specific areas
Please include title, responsibilities, dates of employment and salary
Please include title, responsibilities, dates of employment and salary
Please include title, responsibilities, dates of employment and salary
Feel free to be honest. If you are out of work and need the money, we understand. If you want a better job, let us know. If there is something about our company that you like, tell us what it is.
26. What was your Core Values Index?
Fill in the first option with the first descriptor from the CVI assessment
Fill in the 2nd option with the 2nd descriptor from the CVI assessment
  *This question is required.For example, if your results said: "Sue, the CVI assessment found you are a MERCHANT-INNOVATOR";
You would first choose Merchant and then choose Innovator in the choices below
Space Cell BuilderMerchantInnovatorBanker
1st Descriptor
2nd Descriptor
30. How did you hear of this job opening? *This question is required.Please let us know how you got here - thanks for taking your time to apply for our opening!
31. Please attach your resume here: *This question is required.