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Interactive Assessment: Websites for Mature Movers


Chapter 6 of the new Social, Silver Surfers ebook explores the digital behaviors and preferences of internet users aged 40 or older who have moved in the last two years.

Is your digital marketing aligned with the mature mover's journey for best ROI?

The interactive checklist is intended for those marketing 55+ housing or senior living service.

This tool helps you assess whether your online efforts, especially your website, are positioned properly to captivate and capture Baby Boomer and Silent Generation prospects. (And those who influence the move decision, such as caregivers and "move helpers.")

Answer these questions to reveal what's working and what's not in marketing age-qualified housing online.
Ready to better understand what mature movers need and expect from the web?
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Note: If you are a multi-site developer or provider with websites specific to each location / business line, please run a separate report for each. Or, you can run through the checklist describing the most typical scenario.