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Know your Biases - Part 2

Welcome to "Need for meaning"

One of the most thought provoking books I have read is  Viktor Frankl's 1964 book, aptly named Man's Search for Meaning. In this book, he describes his experience vividly, regarding his will to stay alive in an Auschwitz concentration camp as an inmate during World War II, despite having lost everything including dignity. It helped that he had a deep appreciation for psychology and later would become a neurologist and a psychiatrist. His intention was to reveal every man's need to have meaning for life and be able to project that forward. In the camp, he saw that the one's who died first are the one's who gave up on the meaning behind everything they had been living for (family, friends, hope, love, will....)

“He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How.” - Frederick Nietzsche

In a not so tragic sort of way, we all generally make meaning out of everything to hold value in our lives. How we process situations, events and information depends on how it impacts this deep need for meaning. 

Chapter 1 - Information overload
Chapter 2 - Need for meaning
Chapter 3 - Need to be right / and right now
Chapter 4 - Need to remember (and recall)

In this chapter of "Know your biases", we explore the effects of our need to know and make meaning of everything.

Enjoy your brain,
Uma Gopaldass
Founder / Principle Advisor
Leading Lotus
Out of the murkiness rises the Lotus - with Clarity

Credits to to Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet by Buster Benson , science journals, academic researches and the list goes on.