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Know your Biases - Part 4

Welcome to "Need to be remember"

Welcome to the last chapter. By now, you should either feel warm and fuzzy or completely tormented.

In summary, humans have a natural cognitive function that overrides logic and injects all sorts of bias, about ~180 types named to this day. Cognitive bias is generally defined as an uncontrollable, systematic error in thinking. It exists to cope with our internal (cognitive) and external (societal, environmental..) pressures. If used to gain alignment by balancing the heart and the mind, we should see a direction clearly. Because they are innate and uncontrollable it is hard to catch them. If you can't catch them, how do you know you are displaying bias thinking? Notice the other person and their reaction to you, and your counter reaction to them.
In this last chapter, we'll focus on the need to remember. This need can make our minds play tricks on us. If you feel like you are losing your memory, sometimes it's our mind that chooses what to remember.

Chapter 1 - Information overload
Chapter 2 - Need for meaning
Chapter 3 - Need to be right / and right now
Chapter 4 - Need to remember (and recall)

Enjoy your brain,
Uma Gopaldass
Founder / Principle Advisor
Leading Lotus
Out of the murkiness rises the Lotus - with Clarity

Credits to to Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet by Buster Benson , science journals, academic researches and the list goes on.