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TN50 Sektor Kewangan

Transformasi Nasional 2050 Finance Sector Survey

This survey aims to capture the general feeling about the financial sector in the future, and the public's aspirations for that future. The answers feed into the broader TN50 program. This survey will take about 2 minutes.
1. What is your gender? *This question is required.
2. How old are you? *This question is required.
3. Where do you live? *This question is required.
4. How much is your household disposable income (after deducting tax and mandatory contributions eg EPF)? *This question is required.
5. Do you own a business or run your own business? *This question is required.
7. By 2050, advancements in technology should have improved financial services due to greater availability of data and enhanced connectivity. As a user, which of the following features would you value the most? (You may tick those that are relevant) *This question is required.
8. Rising healthcare costs are one of the main concerns when people grow older. Would you be agreeable to a mandatory monthly contribution towards a national healthcare system that would cover all your medical costs? *This question is required.
9. In the future, the skills you have now may be made redundant. Are you aware of the initiatives carried out by various government agencies for you to expand your skills? *This question is required.

Who is primarily responsible for preparing you to achieve financial well-being?

*This question is required.
11. Financial well-being is defined by a few key elements covering current and future financial security and freedom. Which of the following do you feel you have sufficiently achieved? (You may tick more than one, or the last answer if you feel you have not achieved any) *This question is required.
12. Mark up to two (2) principles below which are most important to you when it comes to investing your money.