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Knightstone and ASLS Old Market Survey

Community Questionnaire

Knightstone and Artspace Lifespace (ASLS) are hosting a pop up at Arts West Side / SPACE Gallery, 6 West Street BS2 0BE on Monday September 25 th 2017 at 11am to consult with local members of the community about what community groups you want to see take place in the Old Market area.

Knightstone and ASLS will be running a free drop in art session for the over 50s at SPACE from December 2017. The pop up on the 25th is an opportunity for you to drop by and talk about what else you would like to see happen in the community or how you can get more involved?

If you cannot make the pop up on the 25th you can fill out the following questionnaire.
1. Is this your community 
3. How well do you know this area?
4. Do you know people in this area? 
5. How often do you speak with Neighbours?
6. Are you part of any groups? 
7. What new groups / activities would you like to see in this community? 
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