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Registration 2017 efsli Training on Demand - Zagreb, 3rd-5th November 2017


This training will be exploring interpreting with Deafblind people.

Trainers will focus on various aspects of deafblindness and interpretation.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • various aspects of deafblindness
  • terminology and Deafblind identity
  • communication limitations of the Deafblind
  • deafblind interpreting and different interpreting methods
  • SL interpreter vs DB interpreter
  • definition and role of deafblind interpreters
  • guiding the Deafblind
  • visual description - what kind of information does the Deafblind wish to receive
  • interpretation processes - communication indications during Interpretation
  • the importance of Ethics and its basic Principles when working with the Deafblind

Blindfolded and with earplugs, participants will be guided and interpreted to for a while, which will give them an insight of the huge difference that the level of skill on part of the deafblind interpreter is. Participants will switch roles to experience both being deafblind and acting as a deafblind interpreter.

You can register here online


Registration deadline: 16th October 2017