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Requirements Assessment

Assess your requirements.

There are a lot of consulting models and processes to diagnose your requirements. Such models typically follow a phased approach of "assess or hypothesize", "define", "analyze", "build", "implement or execute" and "monitor."  It makes sense, and it guides us to be systematic. However, most management approaches miss out asking the hard questions to understand what the question itself is. Use this assessment to determine what you think and feel is the requirement at hand. Based on this initial clarity, you can proceed to move cautiously or quickly, delegate or own the decision and even choose to opt-out. 

The predicaments we face in knowing our true business requirements are often too costly to fund, dissolve or rework.

Leading Lotus has developed in depth methods to guide clients to clarity. Our approach gets tailored to each client engagement.

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Uma Gopaldass
Founder / Principle Advisor
Leading Lotus LLC