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Impact Investing Field Study


This survey is being undertaken by the Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing (, which is the Australian member of a Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (  The survey will let us understand your views and those of others involved in the Impact Investing field in Australia. Those views will feed into a State of Field Report, following on from like work undertaken in 2012 and 2014, and will be used to develop the next wave of strategy to help develop and grow the Impact Investing in Australia.

No matter what your role in the impact investing ecosystem, the information you provide can help inform the view of what’s possible and what’s needed to best leverage and develop impact investing in Australia.  Questions in the survey will be tailored to the role you play in impact investing.  The survey should only take approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete. You can save your responses and come back to complete the survey at a later time by selecting the "save and exit" button at the top of the survey form. Survey responses will be analysed and reported on in aggregated format only to avoid individual identification.

Thank you for completing this survey. We are looking forward to understanding your perspective on how social impact investing is developing in Australia, what potential it holds for promoting social and environmental outcomes and how best to realise that potential going forward.

Please note: unless otherwise indicated the questions in this survey are focused on the provision of Australian funds to support impact investments both in Australia and overseas.