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PACU RN Skills Assessment

PACU Unit Skills Assessment

Congrats on taking the necessary step to applying for a travel nursing position with us! Before we can offer you an amazing nursing assignment, the following skills assessment must be completed. Take your time and review your information before submitting. We look forward to seeing your results!


This checklist is for assessing your experience in specific clinical areas. It will not be a determining factor in accepting your application to become an employee of Trusted Nurse Staffing LLC.

Please rate your experience using the following scale (check the appropriate boxes below):

0 = No Experience / Observed Only
1 = Less than 1 year experience
2 = 1 - 2 years of experience
3 = Over 2 years of experience
Your Information: *This question is required.
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
RESPIRATORY, Part 1 *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Assess Respiratory Status
Assess Lung Sounds
Airway Maintenance - Jaw Thrust
Airway Maintenance - Chin Lift
Insertion of Oral Airway
Insertion of Nasal Airway
Removal of Nasal & Oral Airway
Administration of Oxygen: Nasal Cannula
Administration of Oxygen: Face Masks (With/Without Mist)
Administration of Oxygen: Non-Rebreather Mask
Administration of Oxygen: Trach Collar
Administration of Oxygen: Face Tent
Incentive Spirometry
Suctioning - Nasotracheal
Suctioning - ETT or Trach
Suctioning - Oropharyngeal
Ventilate with Ambu-bag
Assist with Intubation (ETT)
RESPIRATORY,  Part 2 *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
ETT - Measure Cuff Pressures
ETT - Determine Air Leaks
Pulse Oximetry
Draw ABGs - Arterial Puncture and Line
Interpret ABGs
Pressure Ventilators
Volume Ventilators
End Tidal CO2 Monitor
Troubleshoot Ventilator Alarms
Charting Respirations w/ Ventilator
Weaning From Ventilator
ETT Extubation
Chest Percussion
Chest Tubes
Identify & Troubleshoot Airway Problems:
Displaced ETT
Upper Airway Obstruction
Care of Post-Op Thoracic Surgery
Care of Post-op ENT Surgery
GENITOURINARY *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Straight/Foley Cath Female
Straight/Foley Cath Male
GU irrigations
Suprapubic tube
Nephrostomy tube
Care of Patient With: *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Shunts & fistulas
Renal Transplant
Prostate surgery
MEDS/IV THERAPY *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Administer PO Medications
Administer NG/GT Medications
Administer IM & SQ Meds
Peripheral IV Insertion
Mix IV Infusion w/ Additives
Administer IV Medications
Use of Heparin/Saline Locks
Needle-less Systems
Infusion Pumps
Discontinue Peripheral IVs
Know Anesthetic Agents, Complications & Treatment
Knowledge of Inhalants
Knowledge of Injectables
Knowledge of Narcotics
Knowledge of Reversal Agents
Knowledge of Muscle Relaxants
Knowledge of Local Anesthesia
Knowledge of Regional Anesthesia
Knowledge of Epidural Anesthesia
Knowledge of Spinal Anesthesia
Knowledge of Intrathecal Anesthesia
Knowledge of AntiEmetic Drugs
VASCULAR *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Draw Venous Blood (Peripheral)
Draw Blood from Central Line
Interpretation of Lab Results
Intake and Output
Peripheral Pulses
Ultrasonic Doppler
Identify & Troubleshoot Edema/Fluid Overload
Identify & Troubleshoot Hypovolemia
Administer Packed RBCs
Administer Whole Blood
Fluid Resuscitation (Crystalloids)
Care of Patient With: *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Central Venous Catheter (CVL)
Arterial Line
Hickman/Broviac Catheters
Implantable Venous Port
SwanGanz / Pul Art. Catheter
Auto Infusion Pump
Assist CVL Insertion
Assist Arterial Line Insertion
Arterial Line D/C
ORTHOPEDIC *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Cast Care
Circulation Assessment
Cold Systems
Care of Patient With: *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)
Skeletal traction
Total Hip Replacement
Total Knee Replacement
NEUROLOGICAL *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Neurological assessment
Glascow Coma Scale
Seizure Precautions
Intracranial Pressure Monitoring
Knowledge of Anticonvulsants
Care of Post-Op Craniotomy
Care of Post-Op Ophth. Patient
Care of Spinal Cord Injury
Care of Ventriculostomy
ICP Monitoring
Care of Spinal Fusion
PAIN MANAGEMENT *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Pain Assessment & Pain Scale
Admin of IV Sedation
Admin of Narcotic Analgesia
PCA Pump
Assist w/ Epidural Cath Insertion
Assess Epidural Anesthesia Level
Assess Spinal Anesthesia Level
Auto Med Dispense (Pyxis,SureMed)
CARDIAC *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Auto BP Monitor (NIBP)
Use of Cardiac Monitors
Interpretation of Arrhythmias
Assist with Code
Use of Warming Blankets
Care of Post-Op Cardiac Surgery
Care of Patient With: *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Permanent Pacemaker
Temporary Pacemaker
Cardiogenic Shock
Malignant Hyperthermic Crisis
GASTROINTESTINAL *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Assess Bowel Sounds
Assess GI Distress/Bleeding
Insertion/Monitoring NG Tube
Abdominal Wounds
Wound Drains
Enterostomy Care
Care of Post-Op Abd Surgery
Care of Liver Transplant
GENERAL NURSING *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Admit & Orient patients
Discharge/Transfer patients
Supervise Unlicensed Personnel
Pre-operative Care/Preparation
Urine dipstick
Blood Glucose Monitoring
Positioning / Transferring
Advance Directives
Postmortem Care
Care of Patient w/ Latex Allergy
Isolation Techniques
Care of HIV Patient
Care of Multiple Trauma Patient
AGE OF PATIENTS CARED FOR *This question is required.
Space Cell 0123
Newborn (birth-30 days)
Infant (30 days - 1 year)
Toddler (1 - 3 years)
Preschooler (3 - 5 years)
School Age (5 - 12 years)
Adolescents (12 - 18 years)
Young Adults (18 - 39 years)
Middle Adults (39 - 64 years)
Older Adults (64+ years)
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