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2017 Beavers Charitable Trust Scholarship


Application for:
Beavers Charitable Trust Scholarship

The Beavers Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization established by the construction industry in 1977 to assist students entering the heavy construction industry. This year, they will award two $5,000 cash scholarships for students with serious interest in heavy construction. 

The criteria for these scholarships are:
  1. University of Washington Civil and Environmental Engineering majors in good academic standing (i.e., not on academic probation, and no history of academic misconduct).
  2. The applicant must have completed an internship before their senior year with a contractor member of the Beavers Association. Check to see whom these companies are: A current list of Beavers contractor members 
That is it. If you have had an internship with one of these companies, I suggest you apply, the odds are quite good as criterion #2 limits the applicant pool quite a bit. 

You will find the application asks a lot about your particular internship experience. That provides valuable feedback for the Beavers. The quality of your internship experience will not affect your likelihood of winning this scholarship. Also, please take a moment to understand who the Beavers are (they are NOT the Oregon State Beavers at all) before applying. 

You can save this application and continue it later (there is a button on the very top of the page that allows you to). 

If you have questions about this application or are unsure if your internship qualifies, ask Dr. Steve Muench ( 

The schedule and expectations for the scholarships are:
  • The application period is now through Friday October 27th at 11:59 p.m.
  • After this, a short period of time will be taken for evaluation with award anticipated around November 1st. 
  • We will notify applicants of the results privately before they are made public.