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Stop the Escalating Persecution of Christians in India - Election Forum

Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris,

Today, we are petitioning you on behalf of 60 million people who live in the world’s largest democracy, and yet face the possibility of violent brutality on a daily basis. Under a government that is turning a blind eye to their suffering, they have lost their rights and their safety.

Christians in India 
are being violently persecuted by radical Hindu nationalists who want to exterminate them, as they threaten “national unity.” 

We are asking you, President Biden and Vice President Harris, to take action against:

1.  Brutal Persecution: Christians in India are beaten, killed, and losing their homes.

2.  A Rise of Radical Hindu Nationalism: The government is condoning violence against Christians.

3.  Religious Freedom in Danger: The right of religious freedom in India is at risk of being totally eradicated.

We ask that you take the following steps to stop persecution in India.

1.  Speak out for the persecuted church. We ask that you become a voice for the voiceless and speak out on both social media platforms and in your talks.

2.  Demand Christian organizations regain a presence. Please demand that restrictions be lifted on non-profits like Compassion International, that have been forced to leave the country—causing a massive loss in financial aid to the poor.

3.  Apply political pressure. Please make it clear to India’s President Kovind that America is troubled by allowing the persecution to take place. 

4.  Enact economic pressure. Consider putting restrictions on trade deals with India until the government is forced to respond to protect religious minorities and allow freedom of religion.

President Biden, Vice President Harris, we urge you to consider the crisis in India today as a 
priority, and to help protect the lives of millions who have been robbed of their dignity, peace, and religious freedom.

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