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Environmental Health Department

Customer Service Survey

Our goal at the Environmental Health Department (EHD) is to provide our clients and the community with the best possible service.  Please take a few moments to answer the questions below, fold the sheet as indicated, and mail or drop off the completed survey to this office.  Your comments will help the EHD to serve you better.  Thank you for your time and assistance.     

1. What was the primary purpose of your contact with the Environmental Health Division (EHD)?
2. How was contact made?  (Please check all that apply)
3. Which EHD program area(s) was associated with your contact? (Please check all that apply)
4. How would you best describe your business or occupation? (Please check all that apply)
5. How would you best describe your encounter with the EHD?
Space Cell ExcellentGoodFairPoorDoesn't Apply
EHD building location
Customer parking
Counter service hours (8 am – 12 pm | 1 pm – 5 pm)
Greeted promptly & courteously at counter
Staff was friendly & courteous
Staff was professional
Staff was knowledgeable and helpful
Staff responded timely to phone/email messages
Staff explained requirements (laws, regs, codes) clearly
Inspection reports were clear/ understandable
8. Would you like to provide feedback on the EHD Website?
9. Were you able to find the information you needed on the website?
9. Was the website easy for you to navigate?
Very DifficultDifficultNeutralEasyVery Easy
9. Would you like to be contacted by the EHD Director or Manager?
Contact Information