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Nonresidential Services Provider Survey

Nonresidential Services and HCBS Settings Requirements

The following survey is intended to collect information regarding Medicaid nonresidential long-term services and supports for older adults and people with physical disabilities, with an emphasis on Adult Day Services.  We are specifically seeking to understand how nonresidential services will interact with the Medicaid HCBS final rule.  This includes items such as:
  • Changes enacted or under consideration to modify ADH services in order to be compliant with the rule;
  • Challenges or concerns that states and providers are experiencing regarding day services and the regulation requirements; and
  • Promising practices around community integration and day services for older adults.
We intend to use this information to inform state and federal policymakers on the opportunities and challenges associated with the rule's implementation and day services for older adults.  We hope that the survey results will be useful to identify methods for compliance and potential policy changes that promote individual autonomy, community integration, and meaningful choices for Medicaid LTSS participants.  

If you have any questions, please contact Damon Terzaghi at (202) 898-2584 or