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Prezi Certified Experts Application


Thank you for your interest in joining the Prezi Certified Experts (formerly known as Experts) program! This application should take approximately an hour to fill out once you have gathered your information. You may also save your application and come back to it if you wish.

For more information on the program and qualifications needed, please click here.

We require:

* Paragraph on what you have done to promote Prezi to your community and to the world at large, including links as applicable
* Paragraph on why your company is a good fit for the Prezi community

Design applicants
* Three samples of your work - via share link or portable Prezi
* Contact information for the clients of your three samples

Training applicants
* Link to your training
* How your objectives are met and measured
* Contact information for three of your customers

Please be sure to add the domain address to your whitelist so email regarding your application stays out of spam.