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Dressember 2017 Sign Ups

Dressember 2017 Blog Sign Up Page

We're so excited that you'd like to contribute to our Dressember 2017 blog!  

This year, we're inviting participants to write, paint, draw, film, write a song, or dream up a
creative response to one of two questions:

1. Why did you decide to participate in Dressember 2017?
2. What does freedom mean to you?

As you consider what you'll write (or sculpt or knit or quilt...!), please take a moment to fill in a few deets for our team. Thanks a million!

Happy (almost) Dressember!
6. When would you like your post to appear on our Dressember blog? Please select any dates that will work for you!

Note: Posts must be submitted 1 week prior to posting (for example, if you choose 1 December 2017, your post will be due for submission by 24 November 2017). We'll assign a day to you based on your availability!  *This question is required.
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