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The Pathway to Competency and Career Development

The Pathway to Competency and Career Development

Welcome to our brief survey!

This survey is being held in advance of the educational event, hosted by the Northern California Chapter of ACRP, "The Pathway to Competency and Career Development".

At this event we will:
Outline the need for a competency based approach to workforce development and career planning.
Describe the Joint Task Force (JTF) Harmonized Competencies for Clinical Research Professionals and how they can be used for career and employee development.
Explain the concept of a career map and how this can be used to support career advancement.
Discuss the current initiatives proposed by ACRP to address future job roles and micro-credentialing of clinical research professionals.

Test yourself, attend the Educational Event, and you will have the chance to win a $50 Visa gift certificate.

There are no mandatory regulations, standards or licensure requirements for specific job roles within clinical research, nor accreditation requirements (yet) for academic programs, nor standards for internal or external training programs.


If clinical research isn’t executed properly could the public be harmed?


While certification is voluntary for career advancement, should we require advanced degrees or some type of formal education requirements, specifically in clinical research, in order to be certified (i.e., not just minimum of 2 years of experience)?


Do you think having an entry level assessment to test basic knowledge about clinical research would help to enhance the quality of the clinical research workforce?


Are you familiar with the study monitoring competency guidelines published by ACRP?


Are you familiar with the Joint Task Force (JTF) for Clinical Trial Competency?


If you are familiar with the JTF, does your organization incorporate the competencies in job descriptions or performance evaluations?