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Mold Avoiders Participant Application


Mold Avoiders is a discussion forum designed to serve the needs of those who are currently pursuing or who intend to try pursuing the approach to mold avoidance described in the book A Beginner's Guide to Mold Avoidance.

It is presented by Paradigm Change and Rabbit Hole.

The address for the Mold Avoiders forum is as follows: 

Information about Mold Avoiders is summarized in the following article: 

Those interested in participating in the forum need to first read that article and follow its instructions. They then may apply to participate by filling out the brief questionnaire on the following pages. 

The questionnaire may be read in advance at this link:

Thanks very much for your interest in Mold Avoiders!

Best regards, 

Lisa Petrison, Ph.D. 
Executive Director
Paradigm Change/Mold Avoiders
info at