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NAPO Developer/Instructor Application - Household Management

Introduction and Instructions

Thank you for applying for this important position. Please review all of the instructions before you begin completing this application.


We need two kinds of experts:

  1. NAPO Instructors who will be paid $750 to develop the course with Task Team oversight and $750 to record the class for NAPO University to be available On-Demand. Instructors also receive a quarterly royalty payment as outlined in the NAPO Instructor Agreement. To be considered for the position, you must be a NAPO member with Professional status and at least 3 years of organizing and/or productivity experience. However, non-NAPO members with extensive experience in a related field will also be considered. 
  2. Task Team Members are Subject Matter Experts (SME) who volunteer to serve on a three-person team to help develop classes for NAPO, including creating learning objectives and reviewing the final product before it gets recorded. The commitment is approximately 4-9 hours, and you will earn CEU credits for the class. 

You can apply to develop/instruct one or more classes, and/or to be on one or more Task Teams.


  • Classes will be in a webinar format with a minimum length of 2 hours.
  • Supporting handouts may include a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation, a resource list, and other tools to aid in learning.


To be a Instructor or to serve on a Task Team, please submit your application using this Application. If you have questions, contact Education Chair Kandy Sartori ( or Chair-In-Training Teresa Taylor ( In the subject of your email, please add “NAPO Call for Instructors” in the subject line. 


  • Financial Organizing: For Yourself and Your Household - Bookkeeping/Daily Money Manager, Retirement, 529's, Project funding, holiday funding, investments, vacations, credit scores, home maintenance, etc; resources for struggling families
  • Document Management & Paper and/or Digital Retention: What Works Best for Your Household - This course will discuss a variety of paper and digital filing methods and document retention. 
  • Managing Home Projects and Maintenance - Managing household projects, researching service providers and hiring managing services such as cleaners, plumbers, electricians, etc. Creating a resource pool that is appropriate for each household. 
  • Planning & Scheduling for Your Household - This course will discuss how to plan and schedule for everything in your household from soccer games to meal planning.  We will also discuss establishing a "Command Center' for your households communication which can include chores, family calendar & appointments, annual reminders, events, vacations, etc...
  • Emergency Preparedness / Health & Safety - Emergency Preparedness, disaster readiness (grab n go bags), medical readiness, preventative measures for home, family & pets.  Safety parameters in and around the home, including fire alarms, carbon monoxide monitors, fire extinguishers, weight limits for floors, etc.
  • Insurance and Inventories - This course will discuss the variety of insurance policies and riders needed from renting to owning a home.  It will also include insurance needs for home based businesses, automobiles, recreational vehicles, etc. This course will also discuss best practices for documenting household items for insurance and theft purposes. 
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