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2018 Youth Voter Registration Project Application

Grant Application Questions


  • Applications must be received no later than December 13, 2017. Decisions will be announced before the holidays. 
  • Questions about the application process may be directed to Maggie Bush, 
  • All state and local Leagues up to date on their PMP obligations are eligible to receive grant funding.
  • Leagues receiving grant funds assume the following responsibilities:
    1. To implement voter registration activities in a nonpartisan fashion.
    2. Not to use any funds disbursed by LWVEF to participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.
    3. Not to use any funds disbursed by LWVEF to provide a selective benefit to any political party or candidate.
    4. Not to use any funds disbursed by LWVEF to lobby for or against any legislation either through direct lobbying or grassroots lobbying activities.
    5. To retain records of how funds were used for five years, and to make those records available to LWVEF upon request.
    6. To participate in LWVEF-led training related to the project.
    7. Complete a final reporting survey, including a budget report, to be provided by LWVEF.
    8. Assign a Primary League Coordinator to assume overall responsibility for the project, although your League's board will have oversight and be accountable for your grant. The Coordinator will serve as the key point of contact with LWVEF. 
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12. Please use the "file upload" button to provide a budget of how grant funds will be spent. Grants generally range from $500-$1000, based upon the overall number of applications received, quality of proposals, and estimated number of new voters reached. Accepted file types include Word document, excel sheet, PDF and more. If you have any trouble submitting your budget, email Maggie Bush (