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Click or Skip? Which words work best in your planned gift e-marketing?

1. Which of the following snail mail activities is the equivalent of "clicking through" on an e-mail newsletter?
The following questions apply to words that appear in article headlines of planned giving e-newsletters.
2. In an e-newsletter, which of the following words improves the click-through rate of any headline?
3. Which of the following words has no effect on click-through rates (neither increases or decreases click-through)?
4. Which of the following terms encourages more readers to click on a headline?
5. Which of the following headlines that mention tax savings had the LOWEST click-through rate?
6. In general, which type of headline gets the highest click-through rate, no matter where it appears in a list of several topics.
7. Which of the following headlines is associated with a response rate more than twice the average?