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OESIS 12 Month Membership

OESIS Membership

Please use this to register your interest in joining OESIS. Your membership includes access for all your faculty on the XP Platform plus access to our exclusive faculty placement service, OESIS Career Confidential.  We have two price levels: $2,500 for schools with up to 100 faculty and $3,500 for schools with up to 200 faculty.

FOR A LIMITED TIME TILL MARCH 15th. We will start your subscription on July 1st and offer benefits together worth over $1,250, if you subscribe before March 15th:
  • We will set you up now with up to 4 months free.
  • As a special offer you also get one conference registration for 2019-2020 or participation in one cohort worth $500.
Our placement fees for candidates hired through OESIS Career Confidential are different from traditional firms: we charge a placement fee of 5% of salary in the year of hire and another 5% when the year 2 contract is offered. We offer free PD for candidates hired in the first year of employment through our cohorts and at our conferences. We screen all our candidates with deep pedagogical interviews for innovation mindsets and practices.

OESIS membership also includes 35% discounts on conference registrations, member rates and priority enrollment in our faculty cohorts and full access to all our research.
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5. If you have a Canvas LMS environment for your school we may be able to integrate the XP solution into it. Please choose from the following