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OESIS 12 Month Membership

OESIS Membership Application

For our 10th anniversary, we offer those schools that have yet to join as members a limited-time offer worth $5,000+ that will expire on Jan. 15, 2022. Join now and you will receive 100 registrations for your teachers to our Intrepid+ online conference on March 2-4th (worth $3,900), one free 2022 in person conference attendance (worth $650), and six months free membership so your renewal date will begin July 1st (worth more than $1,250). OESIS membership is between $2,500-3,500 based on school size.
1. You are applying for OESIS 12 Month Membership. Participation is Based on Faculty Size. For Schools with 1-100 faculty and administration, the price is $2,500 and for schools with 100-200 faculty and administration, the price is $3,500. *This question is required.
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